"Snapshots from the Wild: Adventures of a Nature Photographer"

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About Bert
I live in The Netherlands which serves as a base for my photo trips in nature.
Together with other photographers I regularly visit various photohides throughout the country. In those hides the focus is mainly on photographing birds.
Several times a year I travel abroad to make photo trips, I visited Bulgaria a few times already, was several times in Poland to photograph white-tailed eagles, was already a few times on Heligoland for the Nothern Gannet and the seals. Finland was visited to photograph bears, grouse and capercaillie. In Greece I was phothographing Dalmatian Pelicans.
Close to home I visited locations where many species of mushrooms grow, which are used to practice macro photography. That area also has a place where special plants grow, such as the sundew.
Besides photographing I also give photography courses and workshops. The possibilities are very diverse. I have my own classroom and a practice location where I can also work with studio equipment.

Starting point for me is to enjoy nature and to convey that to other photographers. In addition, I like to transfer my knowledge about photography, gained at the Photo School and years of experience, to novice photographers where the focus is on operating the camera and the theory that a good photographer needs to know in order to have maximum influence on his photo, so that eventually technically good photos can be made
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